When Child Support is Too Much: Reconsideration Options

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When Child Support is Too Much: Reconsideration Options

If you were ordered to pay child support and your financial situation has changed, you have the option to take the case back to court and have your support amount reconsidered. Before you risk falling far behind in your support payments and facing enforcement actions, you should talk with a child support lawyer about how to have the amount re-evaluated. After seeking a reduction myself in the past, I've learned a lot about how to make it work. I hope that the information about my experiences helps you to understand what you can do about having your support order reconsidered.


Child Custody For Non-Parents: What Rights Do Family Members Have?

27 May 2018
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Parents aren't the only ones who are impacted by a separation. Often, other family members will also want to maintain their relationship with the children involved. What rights do family members have when faced with child custody issues? Only Parents and Sometimes Grandparent Have Rights  When it comes to the right to see a child, only biological parents usually have presupposed legal right to do so. However, some states also recognize the rights of the child's grandparents. Read More …

3 Things To Do If You’re Facing Sexual Harassment Accusations At Work

29 April 2018
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More than likely, you've never gone to work with the expectation that you would be approached and accused of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, this happens on a daily basis to both men and women in the workplace. If you have recently been informed that a co-worker has brought sexual harassment allegations against you at work, there are a few important steps you need to take now to protect your rights and best interests moving forward -- regardless of your innocence or guilt. Read More …

It Takes 2: Contributing To Your Personal Injury Cause

14 March 2018
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If you are the victim of a careless driver, you may know that just counting on the insurance company to do the right thing could leave you missing several important forms of compensation. Insurance companies will seldom make an effort to compensate victims fairly and give them what they deserve, which is why it's so important to get the help of a personal injury attorney to stand by you during this time. Read More …

Things You Should Not Do If You Are Thinking Of Divorce

27 February 2018
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If you have made up your mind to divorce your spouse, there are things you should do and things you should not do if you don't want a complicated and expensive divorce. For example, you should give these four things a wide berth if you are planning to file for a divorce: Going On a Spending Spree If you go on a spending spree right before your divorce, then your spouse may accuse you of asset dissipation during the divorce. Read More …

3 Things Your Personal Injury Lawyer Is Going To Want To Know

26 January 2018
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If you are at a store and are injured while you are shopping, then you have some options open to you for recourse. One of them is that you can go to a personal injury attorney who can help you get what you are entitled to. Here are things that your lawyer is going to want to know when they are deciding whether or not to take your case.  What You Were Doing Read More …