When Child Support is Too Much: Reconsideration Options

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When Child Support is Too Much: Reconsideration Options

If you were ordered to pay child support and your financial situation has changed, you have the option to take the case back to court and have your support amount reconsidered. Before you risk falling far behind in your support payments and facing enforcement actions, you should talk with a child support lawyer about how to have the amount re-evaluated. After seeking a reduction myself in the past, I've learned a lot about how to make it work. I hope that the information about my experiences helps you to understand what you can do about having your support order reconsidered.


3 Estate Planning Tips To Protect Your Family

22 November 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

While it may be uncomfortable to think about what happens to your family after your death, this is an important aspect of life anyone with a family needs to attend to. Carefully planning for the financial and practical implications of your death will ensure that if anything happens to you, your family will be protected and not have to face unnecessary financial hardship. Here are a few important estate planning tips and best practices: Read More …

How To Leave Something For Your Heirs

26 October 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you read about different famous people throughout history, you will often read that these people died as "penniless paupers," or that they died "not owning anyone anything." If you would rather be part of the latter group, and you want to leave something for your adult children, here is how you can do just that. Hire a Probate Attorney When You Are Ready to Make Your Will Some people assume that hiring a probate lawyer means that you fully expect your heirs to battle it out in court over who gets what. Read More …

Your Rights After Being Pulled Over For Driving Under The Influence

28 September 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you've been pulled over because an officer believes you are under the influence, there are several rights you have to protect yourself. Even if you've only had one or two drinks, you may still be over the legal limit, so check out these five rights you have after being pulled over for driving under the influence. The Right to Remain Silent Any time you are pulled over or arrested, you have the right to remain silent. Read More …

Getting A Divorce: 3 Considerations To Take Before Asking For One

17 September 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

So, your marriage isn't going the way that you think it should. You think that you want a divorce. However, before you say that you do, which are words that you cannot simply take make, you need to understand what it means to ask your spouse for a divorce. Here are three things to take into consideration before you ever mention it: How Will Divorce Affect You? You need to first consider how you will fare on your own. Read More …

How Hard Is It To Prove Familial Status Discrimination?

11 September 2017
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It's sad but true that people will discriminate against other people based on just about anything. One common form of discrimination that isn't talked about as often is familial discrimination. This is when a landlord refuses to rent to people with children or set special rules for parents (e.g. charge higher rents). As you can imagine, this can make life unnecessarily difficult for parents. However, proving a familial status discrimination case can be challenging. Read More …