When Child Support is Too Much: Reconsideration Options

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When Child Support is Too Much: Reconsideration Options

If you were ordered to pay child support and your financial situation has changed, you have the option to take the case back to court and have your support amount reconsidered. Before you risk falling far behind in your support payments and facing enforcement actions, you should talk with a child support lawyer about how to have the amount re-evaluated. After seeking a reduction myself in the past, I've learned a lot about how to make it work. I hope that the information about my experiences helps you to understand what you can do about having your support order reconsidered.


3 Guidelines For Securing More Visitation Time With Your Child

24 May 2019
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When a couple with children split up, one of the major details that they have to work out is how much time each parent gets to spend with their children. If you're unhappy with how much visitation time you have, it's important to realize that you have options for altering your time with your kids. Follow these three guidelines for increasing your visitation time. 1. Work with Your Child's Parent to Modify Your Parenting Plan Read More …

Safety Tips For Newbie Process Servers

24 April 2019
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Process servers are some of the least liked people in the entire legal world. They are the ones that bring the worst news to people being sued and to people whose privacy is going to be invaded for months to come. They bring court documents to other lawyers in a case, and present documents to all parties involved, including any potential jurors who have failed to appear for jury selection or failed to appear in court for jury duty. Read More …

Correcting Common Misinformation About Wrongful Terminations

15 March 2019
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Being terminated from a job can be a highly stressful experience. Unfortunately, individuals will often find that they are terminated by their employer in ways that violate their rights. Myth: At-Will Employment Laws Offer No Recourse For Discriminatory Terminations There are many individuals that work in states that have at-will employment laws. These laws provide for minimal protections for employees, and this can lead to individuals assuming that there is no recourse for terminations that were done in a discriminatory manner. Read More …

Understanding The Probate Process And How It Can Benefit You

7 February 2019
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Many people do not understand the probate process or even what it is. People often want to avoid it if they can, but the truth is, the probate process will help you ensure your assets are distributed as you would like them to be and can keep disputes from happening. Here are some things that may help you understand probate and how it can benefit you. Probate in a Nut Shell Read More …

Getting Your Ducks In Order: Setting Up A Plan For Divorce

21 November 2018
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Getting a divorce can be a stressful, difficult time for anyone. It can get even messier when there are children or a lot of assets involved in the marriage. In order to get the divorce done in a quick manner, you need to know the correct steps to take. By following this guide, you can set up a plan that is efficient throughout the entire process. Finding a Lawyer The most important thing to do is hire a divorce law attorney. Read More …